Eating locally sourced ingredients provides premium freshness for our entrées. Local sourcing is also good for sustainability reasons and supports Canadian farmers. You can taste a difference that freshness makes!

As a proud Canadian owned and managed company we are dedicated to supporting local businesses and the communities in which we operate. We believe buying local is in the best interest of our customers, clients, suppliers and providers, culinary teams and our campus communities.

Our mandate is to provide high quality, fresh and healthy menu options with all selections prepared from “scratch” using fresh, local ingredients. Our purchasing decisions are based solely on how we can deliver the best quality food at the best value to you.

Ask the Chef how today’s soup was prepared and what ingredients were used. Dana does not and will not allow packaged, canned or frozen soups in any of our cafés. If it’s not cooked on-site from scratch we can’t imagine how the chef can truthfully tell you where the ingredients came from.